How we are working now

How we are working now

As restrictions begin to ease, design consultations for new and existing projects can be held by appointment in person at our showrooms (with all social distancing guidelines and PPE materials available) OR by phone or video, depending on our clients’ preference. We are finding virtual visits to be extremely successful and productive, and in fact, we envisage that they may endure long into the future.

Our showrooms – in London, Suffolk and New York City – are open to by-appointment visitors for the time being and we will look at re-opening to walk-in visitors as we are allowed to under local guidance.

We will continue to work in all these ways, to keep your existing and new projects moving along smoothly.

Please do continue to contact us via the usual channels with all enquiries:

+44 207 486 2674

212 203 0726

We look forward to hearing from you.