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PLAIN ENGLISH COLLECTION  We welcome projects from clients, architects, interior designers and contractors. We are a Design Studio, sharing our sensibility and craft to deliver the refinement, attention to detail and expertise for which we are known.

In celebration of our 30th year, our Plain English Collection range is a return to the simple ethos with which Plain English was founded in 1992 –  straightforward, classic, well-made cupboards. Curated from a selection of our most popular cupboards and available in a range of standard sizes, Plain English Collection offers a versatile solution for kitchens, utility rooms, pantries, boot rooms and other rooms.

Made with poplar frames, oak veneered plywood carcasses and solid oak interior fittings, Plain English Collection cupboards can be painted in one of our many Plain English colours. A supply-only Plain English Collection kitchen costs from £18,000. Fitting, painting, appliances, and worktops can be added to your project if required.

Our design process begins with a thorough understanding of the space and your needs. To learn more about Plain English Collection or to begin discussing a project, please visit our showroom in London, fill out our enquiry form or email us.

For custom-design projects explore Plain English Bespoke. For projects in the USA, visit our US Website.


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“Thirty years ago, when we were building our own Suffolk longhouse, I designed the kitchen and a series of simple cupboards, just like
these. As Plain English has evolved so have our designs, becoming increasingly elaborate and bespoke. The Plain English Collection harks back to our humble beginnings: straightforward, well-made cupboards that will last a lifetime.”

Katie Fontana, Creative Director