COLOUR COLLECTION No.2 Our second range of colours draw inspiration from the linoleum corridors and the wallpapered parlours, breakfast rooms and nurseries of an imagined 18th century home. At the same time we’ve given a nod to the municipal buildings of the same period; the town halls, schools and institutions. Grave, dignified buildings, honestly engineered, and severely but handsomely decorated with restraint and gravitas. This collection was put together by Adam Bray & Sue Skeen.

13. Kipper

Soft and smokey with a pinkish glow, a rare but satisfying breakfast staple.

14. Chop

A deeply intense shade of red to be found on the Butchers block. Bake, grill or braise.

15. Blancmange

The brightest burst of milk on powder. Mix well and transform in to a sumptuous moulded dessert.

16. Jam

A bright delight, a jewel like droplet of a boiled strawberries, but will it set?

17. Gravy

A smooth, savoury shade, a labour of love when made from scratch.

18. Mushy Peas

This starchy green captures the deeply satisfying accompaniment to freshly deep fried fish and chips.

19. Sprouts

A crisp, rich green that surrounds the most polarising of cruciferous vegetables.

20. Mash

A soft and soothing shade, thick cream with a note of black pepper.

21. Boiled Egg

‘Go to work on an egg’ wrote Fay Weldon. This rich solid hue exudes the sun shiny joy of a good breakfast.

22. Sauce

Glistening, rich and comforting, this brown to red shade warms the heart and hearth.

23. Milky Tea

It takes a good whole milk and a well ‘mashed’ breakfast tea to achieve this warm friendly shade.

24. Relish

Patum Paterium or Gentleman’s Relish was first created in 1828 by an Englishman, John Osborn. This subtle, yet strong shade, befits the secret recipe.

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