Kitchens Plain English are traditionalists. We’ve spent 30 years studying, with fascination, the Georgian sensibility of form and proportion and this runs through all of our designs in any number of architectural settings.

Bespoke kitchens; larders and laundries, sculleries and pantries, rooms defined by the dignity of utility, crafted from the best materials and infused with our unique sense of style. A Plain English kitchen (supply only) costs from £35,000 or for our US projects $50,000. Our sister company British Standard Cupboards offers a range of simple, supply-only, standard-sized cupboards – an average British Standard kitchen costs £8,000 or $14,000.

"The colours we use have long referenced historic distempers found in georgian, regency and victorian country houses, including "lost" hues, evocatively re-named as shades such as draughty passage and boiled dishcloth.”